Android auto


Smartphones having android OS are luring the market due to their features which gives all freedom to the user. The user is more at the comfort end, with lots of apps, increased speed and storage, etc.

The same, features in your car?! Yes info about autoradio gps golf 5. Android auto is making it happen. Your car needs to have an android supporting device. Voila! Your car becomes your second smartphone.

You can do all that you want to in d luxury of your car. Call a friend; listen to songs, news, and radio. Tune to FM, listen to weather forecast. Know what’s happening where, GPS systems. Entire world is on the wheels, in your hand.

Higher end operations are also being made possible with this smart feature. This is going to take the automobile industry entertainment to a whole new level This feature is being included in newer version of cars introduced from this year.

DVD Players In Car Audio systems


DVD players autoradio1001 are inserted in to the Car`s audio dashboards which first tries to establish a connection with the vehicle`s existing stereo system and then connects up with the car`s audio systems. Once they come into a similar frequency and the necessary information and data is transferred from one to the other, they get connected up with the speakers as an execution of the driver`s request for a particular thing. The driver is at ease to hide the screens when not in use and just lend his ears to the audio being played without disturbing his driving which in turn is a requisite while on road.