What is Festival Fashion?


Festival is a broad and universal term. It covers everything from Coachella to Diwali! This means there’s also an equivalent amount of fashion ideas out there for everything this term covers. From Daisy Dukes and crochet jackets to bright saris, every possible garment in every possible drape comes under the label of festival fashion.

In the interest of clarity let’s look at festival fashion that pertains to Coachella and its ilk.
Coachella and other music festivals usually happen around Spring/Summer. Winter has bid adieu, and there’s not more than a single layer on a person. Add to this the fact that these music and arts festivals take place at wide open spaces. What’s important while assembling a look is ease of movement and ease of just hanging out!

Over the years, with social media becoming what it has, festival fashion has reached a point where every high street store and even local clothing retailer has a separate section for clothes that can be worn during festivals, like the unique handmade bags made by BrandFair.co.uk. You have everything from short shorts in denim and other fabrics to tasseled crop tops, tulip skirts, log crochet jackets, headbands, bangles gladiator sandals etc.

And ever since Instagram exploded with posts from Beyonce and Selena Gomez and the Kardashians about their looks for festivals, it is now more important to shop before booking your festival tickets. The whole idea of soaking in the ambience of great music and art now comes with a “be seen” vibe. The selfies, the filters, the pouts, they are also an essential part of the festival wardrobe.
The total festival package is a combination of clothes, your Instagram account, your ability to make it to a BuzzFeed listicle, being at the right spots, and of course your interest in arts and music!